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What is our transportation safety management system?

Here, “management” refers to how to operate properly. When operating a transportation company, a wide assortment of people and things all have to work together. Operations are only possible through the complex interactions of everyone from drivers to top operators.
Thinking about how we can operate to increase safety within this matrix is what we call a transportation safety management system.
It’s a system that lets us think about how to manage our operations holistically—from those in the field to top operators—in order to increase the overall safety of our transportation services.


Transportation safety management initiatives

K.S.EVER.GREEN Sightseeing strives to design and bring into practice effective transportation safety management, and works hard to ensure our customers’ safety through ongoing efforts toward improvement.

Fundamental Transportation Safety Policies

To ensure the safety of our passengers,
all K.S.EVER.GREEN officials and employees are committed work toward achieving the following goals.

  • The development of an environment and organization that places safety as its top priority
  • Establishing and continually improving upon our safety management system through a "Plan, Do, Check, Act" (PDCA) cycle.
  • Further advancing our employees’ skills and maintaining their good health, so that they can support a safe environment.
  • Providing operations and services that place our customers’ safety first.
  • Improving communication with our customers with regard to safety.
  • Fully implementing fundamental policy measures and strictly adhering to all laws.
  • Actively releasing information concerning transportation safety.

October 1, 2013
K.S.EVER.GREEN Sightseeing Co., Ltd. Company president 河崎洋

2020 accident statistics

Major accidents: 0 (following provision II of official guidelines for automobile accident reporting)
Other accidents: 0

2021 transportation safety goals

“Continuing to have zero accidents, including legal violations and accidents resulting in injury”

Major points of focus for 2021

  • Completely safe and eco-friendly driving
    Practicing safe and eco-friendly driving by making use of onboard equipment and through individual implementation by operator
  • Proactively creating near-miss maps
    Working to increase accident awareness in everyday life and accident prevention through information sharing.
  • Strengthening and enriching training activities
    Holding study sessions once a month with drivers and operational control managers, as well as implementing individual instruction based on the results of aptitude assessments.
  • Optimizing transportation services
    Ensuring adherence to all laws and ordinances through regular patrols and internal audits, as well as implementing guidance and revision measures in operational management training.